Relationship Group

Who We Are

Montage Support Services provides a number of resources to benefit its community. We have a number of ongoing initiatives, and this page will help highlight some of them.

The Group (RG) focus is on supporting people with developmental disabilities to build safe, strong, natural and sustainable relationships through safety, support and respect.  Several practical tools and programs have been initiated through this workgroup.


The Following Workshops Have Been Delivered So Far:

  • Sex Esteem Workshops
  • Abuse, Prevention Recognition Workshops
  • Bringing Families together to share and discuss how meaningful relationships can be supported
  • Specialized Sex Esteem workshops with a facilitator within agencies and the community

Goal and Vision

To enhance and augment existing supports offered to people with development disabilities as it pertains to healthy, safe growth, and fostering meaningful relationships.  We believe that without ‘connections and relationships’ in one’s life, other services offered have less impact.

Disability awareness in schools is extremely important because it educates students to gain a sense of belonging and developing relationships that make everyone eel welcomed and contributing members of society. Teaching children about disability will help in breaking social barriers and allow a better, wholesome approach to inclusion of people with disabilities.

In a month-long program with an aim to engage its students within the community to gain
a better understanding of inclusion and people with disabilities, students from The Bishop Strachan Middle School and members of the Relationship Group came together with discussions on their similarities, challenges, and relationships which in turn enabled each participant to become more comfortable and understanding of their differences.

Deanna Djos, Sexual Health Promoter

Publication Collaborations

The Relationship Group contributed to these documents and shared some valuable insights.

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